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Question: How can I afford the time

      to help a child?


          Challenge: How can you NOT?


We can never really be certain where or how far the

boundaries of our service reach.

But if one child can

Become a better reader

or eat a Thanksgiving meal

or give a speech

or go camping

or have a home

or have shoes that fit

or hit a ball

or receive blood

or receive recognition for a job well done

or ride a bike safely

or has a bike

or run a race

or say “NO!” to drugs

or sing a song

or stay in school

or wear a Halloween costume

or wear a warm coat

or write an essay

or know that someone cares

-we know that we have touched a life and made a difference. And for that there are no boundaries.

We are always seeking like minded individuals or couples to join in our Optimism and support of the youth of our community. 


If you wish to join our club, please fill out our membership form and mail your form in. We look forward to meeting you!

Springfield Township Optimist Club

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